National Distance Education University, Spain
Interventions for prevention and treatment of bullying in educational and / or community contexts

David Pineda Sánchez holds a degree in Psychology from the National Distance Education University (UNED), and has a Master in Psychopathology and Health, and a Master in Psychology Research, both from the same university. He also has a Master in Forensic Psychology from ISEP, and an Interuniversity Masters in Methodology of Behavioural Science and Health by the Open University, the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Complutense University of Madrid. He is a PhD student in Health Psychology at the UNED. He is currently a researcher at UNED and a teaching assistant in the following courses: Psychopathology, Introduction to Data Analysis and Research Design and Data Analysis. He is a Professor in various postgraduate courses such as Diploma Course: The Child Abuse: Clinical Aspects, Prevention and Treatment and the Master in Psychopathology and Clinical and Health Intervention offered by the UNED. He is a member of the consolidated research group in Psychopathology and Health of the Open University. He is assistant editor in the Revista de Psicopatología y Psicología Clínica (In English: Journal of Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology).

Bullying is one of the issues that most impact is having on the children and adolescents mental health. Prevention and intervention of bullying in education are essential strategies to reduce the negative impact caused on the health of the population. The main objective of this symposium is to describe some of the most innovative programs in the field of intervention and prevention of bullying in different educational and/or community settings in Spain. First, Mayra Alejandra Gómez Lugo will present study data "Bullying behavior and associations with internalizing psychopathology in bullies and victims" This is a study that shows the relationships they have these social behaviours with symptoms of emotional disorders. Second, Maria Dolores Botía will present data from a study that shows the relationship between intelligence and behaviors of bullies and victims. Third, Ana Martinez will present the results of the intervention program developed in a sample of primary school students. It is a preventive intervention, in which worked with the CIP program docketed for improving school life and the prevention of harassment. The fourth presentation by Juan Hernandez is the presentation of the "League Brave," a sports-training competition only nationally for its format and rules of procedure, in which fundamental values for coexistence is promoted and fair play is rewarded between the participating teams, allowing you to create a model of transmission of positive values and appropriate for coexistence and respect through football.