UNED Madrid, Spain
Family and psychological adjustment in children and adolescents: Relevant variables of the structure and family dynamics

Miguel Angel Carrasco Ortiz, is Professor of Psychological Evaluation in the Faculty of Psychology at the National University of Distance Education, and coordinator of the Department of Psychology at the same university. His research and teaching are focused on the area of assessment of child and youth problems. More detailed information on his research, clinical experience, and teaching is available at the website.

The family is one of the fundamental and responsible contexts for the psychological development of children, their socialization and, therefore, adaptation and psychological adjustment. In addition, it serves to providing care and support for child survival. Family is the first framework and the context in which first bonding on the emotional bases are built, and a whole network of relationships that allow an adequate psychological adjustment to the external life of the child. The aim of this symposium is to bring together some of the most recent research showing relevant variables that emerge within family relationships and are responsible for the psychological health in children: attachment, perceived parental acceptance, parental involvement, intra- and inter-parental consistency, stress parental, among others. It aims to create a space for the presentation and discussion of the most recent significant results that have been found in this area of research.