Avanza Psychology Center, Spain
Neuroeducation and ADHD: Assessment and intervention applied to the clinical setting

Silvia Hidalgo, PhD in Psychology and graduated in Education at the University of Malaga (UMA). She is clinical neuropsychologist on child and adolescent, and specialist in psychotherapy. Her teaching as a professor in the Department of Psychology and Education, Faculty of Psychology UMA is combined with the clinical activity exercised for 25 years. At the Center for Psychology AVANZA, located in Malaga, she develops clinical diagnostic functions, neuropsychological assessment, cognitive training programs and emotional education, and training parents and professionals in the field of health. Her center is specialized in attending children and youth with neurodevelopmental disorders, specifically she has extensive experience in Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Likewise, the Centre AVANZA is a reference entity for practical training of graduate students from different Spanish universities (UMA, UPO, UNIR), through various cooperation agreements. In addition, Dr. Hidalgo has been part of I+D+I projects, for example "The validation process of an Intelligence Test for preschool and primary education” (WIPPSI-IV) (Pearson, 2013),"Experimental application of the test DIVISA-R at schools" (TEA, 2015). Since 2014, she is the academic assistant of director of the Specialization Course in University Extension on child and adolescent clinical neuropsychology (own Title UMA), which is organized by the Department of Psychobiology and Methodology of Behavioural Sciences. Dr. Hidalgo is an active member of the Andalusian Society of Neuropsychology (SANP, in Spanish).