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EDICIONES PIRÁMIDE is the most prestigious publisher in the field of education and psychology in Spain. It is located in the first quartile of Scholarly Publishers Indicators. Since its founding in 1973 by the Grupo Anaya, the fundamental activity of Ediciones Pirámide consists of the publication of books adapted to the market needs in the sectors of the university, technical, and professional books. Its first publications are oriented to the educational world. Subsequently, new lines were added to the core textbook business, which led to the creation of specialized printings.

The main goal of the Master in Psychological Therapy with Children and Adolescents is to train competent professionals in the treatment of psychological problems during childhood and adolescence. Through this Master, students can update information on major infant-juvenile disorders and train their therapeutic skills for assessment and intervention. Also, students receive resources and strategies about how to achieve these goals, learning practical strategies for intervention in different clinical cases. It is an official Master’s degree, taught by expert teachers to a small group of students. Due to its practical methodology, the Official College of Psychologists has recognized its scientific and professional interest.