Dear colleague:
I am pleased to present the First International Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology with Children and Adolescents. The aims of the AITANA research team at the University Miguel Hernández are to promote studies on the psychological well-being of children and adolescents and transfer those results to society. Since 2011 the team has organised, on a national level, the Congress of Clinical Psychology with Children and Adolescents, a meeting point between investigators and professionals within the child mental health field, for further training and to exchange knowledge. In 2015 the first international edition is to take place, which pursues to gather the main experts in child psychopathology, evaluation and psychological treatment, applied in the fields of clinical and health psychology. Furthermore, this year we are counting on the participation of hosting universities as co-organisers of the event. We express our gratitude to the UNED, the Complutense University, the Autonomous University and the University of Distance Education in Madrid, for their collaboration in the congress.

The purpose of this congress is to consist of an updating forum and meeting point between investigators and clinical psychologists, to revise the current state of clinical psychology with children and adolescents, to encourage maximum dissemination of ongoing investigations and to lay out new study approaches.

See you in Madrid,

Warm regards,

Jose Pedro Espada
Head of Aitana Research Group
Chairman of the Organizing Committe