Paper submissions

The presentations can be submitted in any of the congress´s official languages (Spanish and English). Presentation proposals for oral communications and posters can be sent via the electronic platform until June 15, 2015 (NEW DEADLINE: JUNE 22). The option of oral communication or poster must be selected depending on what is being sent, as well as weather the author is eligible for an award and if the requirements for the specific category (young researcher, professional and international) have been met. The organisers may request accredited documentation of these requirements.

Note: a presentation diploma will be given to each presentation and/or poster, but only to those presentations/posters presented and displayed (1 copy per presentation/poster).  



Presentations will be accepted that are centred on child and adolescent population, and address psychopathology, evaluation and treatment aspects within the clinical and health fields. Among the main subject approaches are: anxiety, depression, suicidal behaviours, behavioural problems, addictions, sexual abuse, eating disorders, autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, sexual health, violence, risk behaviours, etc.

Types of papers

  • Original researches, such as group studies aimed at experimental evaluations of a clinical prevention or treatment intervention; correlational or predictive cross-sectional studies, with the purpose of analysing the relationship between variables of clinical interest or validation studies of evaluation instruments. 
  • Case studies, such as those that display a single-case design of an intervention carried out on a child-adolescent sample. 
  • Literature revisions and researches focussed on different areas related to psychopathology, evaluation and psychological treatment of children and adolescents. 

Presentation regulations

The abstracts for the oral presentations as well as for the posters will be submitted via the submission form (see link below). The length of the abstract must be between 250 and 300 words. It must be structured in the following parts: Background, Objectives, Method, Results, and Conclusions (the headings of the parts are not to be included in the abstract). Tables and figures are not be inserted in the abstract. If the abstract is pasted from a document (Word type) you must press "intro" when pasting it onto the submission form otherwise the system will not recognise that you have introduced the text. Abstracts of studies will not be included that are still ongoing or those that do not have results. 

*Each author may submit and sign a maximum of 3 presentations.

Books of abstracts

The complete congress book (with ISBN), edited by Ediciones Pirámide (Pyramid Editing) will be available online in advance and printed copies will be given with the delegate´s materials.


The poster presentation format can be eligible for award. A jury will shortlist the ten best posters presented taking into account criterion of originality and the quality of the study. The authors of the presentations that make it onto the shortlist have 10 minutes to conduct an oral presentation of their research. The following awards will be announced:

  1. Award for young researcher. In this category, young researchers (doctorate students and post doctorate investigators) under 30 years old may participate. The study must consist of an original research (see section “types of studies”). The young researcher must be the primary signatory of the study and the author responsible for its presentation. The author must attach a letter of recommendation from the supervisor to endorse the work.
  2. Award for the best applied research. In this category, any professional involved in child and adolescent psychology may participate, and must be accredited. The study must consist of a presentation of a case study or group treatment in any work context (clinical, educational, social, etc.). The author must attach a letter from the director or supervisor of the clinical center in which autorizes to present the work. If the author works for others it must be mentioned in an explanatory letter.
  3. Award for the best international research. In this category, any researcher that works in an academic or research institute, located in any country other than Spain may participate. The research must consist of an original study (see section (types of study”).

Each one of the three awards will consist of 300 euros. The seven studies that make it to the finals will receive an accredited certificate. 


Abstract submission form