Carmen Pastor & Juan Sevillá

Centro de Terapia de Conducta de Valencia, Spain

Cognitive-behavioral treatment of eating disorders. A transdiagnostic approach

A cognitive-behavioral approach to the conceptualization and treatment of eating disorders will be presented. Instead of understanding that overweight/obesity, binge eating disorder, bulimia and anorexia are independent disorders, it is postulated that there are a large number of shared elements, not only to explain vulnerability but also origin and especially maintenance. From this point of view, strategies will be offered to evaluate and understand the different disorders, but above all, techniques to treat these problems. The therapy is structured in modules of intervention that are applied with the opportune adjustments to each one of the problems: Psychoeducation, increase of the motivation, changes in the diet, to modify the thoughts, to overcome the problem of corporal image and maintenance of them achievements and prevention of relapses.

Juan Sevillá and Carmen Pastor are clinical psychologists and directors of the Centro de Terapia de Conducta in Valencia. They have a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia and have completed their postgraduate studies in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In 1988 they founded the Centro de Terapia de Conducta in Valencia. It is a private institution dedicated to the treatment of all types of emotional disorders and to postgraduate training in Clinical Cognitive Behavioural Psychology. During all this time they have treated thousands of people suffering from all known emotional disorders and have formed 32 promotions of cognitive-behavioral therapists. They have published more than a dozen books dedicated to clinical practice, including “Tratamiento Psicológico de los Trastornos de Alimentación”, 2019 edited by Pirámide. They are common speakers in national and international courses, masters and congresses.






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