Remedios González

University of Valencia, Spain

Social-emotional resources to promote health in childhood and adolescence

Nowadays, child and youth psychology emphasizes the importance of childhood resources to promote healthy development. The objective of this Symposium is to address the diverse difficulties that may arise in childhood and adolescence, in order to promote well-being, mental and physical health in this population. For this purpose, attachment relationships with parents and their importance in the development of emotional resources that promote well-being in adolescence will be dealt with. Along these lines, the incidence that family violence can have on social-emotional health and the need to develop resources in childhood will be presented. Given the importance that organic diseases can have in child development both for the child and for the family, the study of resources that can be applied in a specific disease such as ciliary dyskinesia can be a reference to help promote health in organic diseases. Finally, we will address a problem that concerns society because of its increase: suicide in childhood and adolescence and how it can be prevented. All the research presented will emphasize the need and importance of educating with emotional strategies/resources for healthy development during this stage.

Remedios González Barrón is Honorary University Professor in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatments of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of València. Her teaching has focused on clinical psychology for children and young people. In the last decades, she has held different positions such as Vice-dean of Practicum, Coordinator of the Diploma in Speech Therapy, President of the Iberoamerican Association of Diagnosis and Psychological Evaluation and Vice President, Director of its journal. She has also been a member of different commissions of the University. She has researched different topics of childhood and adolescence (emotions, prosocial behaviour, school coexistence, hospitalization, intervention programs, among others), but also with adult population (gender violence, postpartum depression, cognitive impairment, sensory analysis, among others). The objectives have focused on determining risk profiles in the topics studied. The research has been financed by organisations through public calls for proposals. She has also collaborated with other national institutions (University of the Basque Country, Autonomous University of Barcelona, UNED, etc.) and international institutions (University of Buenos Aires, University of Mexico, Pontifical University of Lima, University of Bologna, University of Leiven, University of Berlin, among others). She has made presentations in national and international congresses and publications in journals with impact index, as well as teaching and disseminating books and book chapters. She is widely recognized for her experience and dedication in teaching and research at the Universitat de València.






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