Keynote Speakers

Jian-Bin Li Jian-Bin Li

The Education University of Hong Kong. China

COVID-19 and Adolescent Mental Health

Mateu Servera Mateu Servera

University of the Balearic Islands. Spain

Children with Slow Cognitive Tempo: Are we ready for a diagnosis and treatment?


University of Miami. United States

Transdiagnostic Treatments for Emotional Disorders: One Pathway for Getting “What Works” to More Children and Families

Carla SharpCarla Sharp

University of Houston. United States

Recent advances in personality disorder research: Dimensions and development

Eric StorchEric Storch

Baylor College of Medicine. United States

Advances in Childhood OCD: What works, why it works, and next steps

Meeting with the expert

Concha López Concha López

University of Murcia. Spain 

What does the EMMA-CHILD VR system contribute to the therapy of traumatized minors?

Applied Sessions

Ginny Sprang Ginny Sprang

University of Kentucky. United States

Caregiver and Child Mental Health in the Wake of a Pandemic: A Tale of Two Pandemics

Esther CalveteEsther Calvete

University of Deusto. Spain

Child-to-parent violence: Solving the puzzle to intervene

Ana Martínez y Laura MerinoAna Martínez y Laura Merino

University of Deusto. Spain

Post-divorce group intervention with boys and girls. Children’s Egokitzen

Maravillas AmorósMaravillas Amorós

Laude Newton College. Spain

How to detect psychological problems in the school context: Resources for prevention and intervention


Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Spain

Promoting the proper use of the Internet and Smartphones among minors: From a risk management to education in values

OpEN questions

Kenneth Griffin Kenneth Griffin

George Mason University. United States

Incorporating Digital Content Into Drug and Violence Prevention Programming Delivered in Schools

Sara Lera Sara Lera

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Spain

Is online cognitive behavioral therapy effective and safe for the treatment of anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Cristina Larroy Cristina Larroy

Complutense University of Madrid. Spain

Does remote psychotherapy really work?


The Arctic University of Norway. Norway

Why should we prevent emotional disorders in children and adolescents?

Elena Hughet Elena Hughet

Private practice. Spain

What approaches are most appropriate in working with suicidal behavior?

Jonatan Molina Jonatan Molina

Private practice. Spain

Can ADHD be prevented?

Desiree Ruiz Desiree Ruiz

University Loyola Andalucía. Spain

How can we help to improve the management of type 1 diabetes in adolescents?


University of Valencia. Spain

Differences in the diagnosis of ASD between men and women. Are Autism Spectrum Disorders, Male Disorders?


Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Norway

Early identification of School Refusal, is it possible?

Miguel Ángel Carrasco Miguel Ángel Carrasco

National University of Distance Education. Spain

How to explain and address aggression in children and adolescents?

Ana Rosa Sepúlveda

Autonomous University of Madrid. Spain 

How have etiological models advanced in eating disorders?

Inmaculada Gómez

University of Almería. Spain

What is the role of Psychological Flexibility and Emotion Regulation in Parenting?

Jordi Miró

Rovira & Virgili University. Spain

Is chronic pain a public health problem in the child and adolescent population? And what can we do from Psychology?


Jonatan MolinaJonatan Molina

Private practice. Spain

Clinical cases in childhood psychology

Agustin Ernesto MartínezAgustin Ernesto Martíneza

University of Alicante. Spain

Comprehensive perspective on autism: Pain, gastro-intestinal symptoms, gut-microbiota and probiotics

Mateu Servera Mateu Servera

University of the Balearic Islands. Spain

The phenotypes of inattention in children: behavioral and neuropsychological profiles

Ana Tur Ana Tur

University of Valencia. Spain

Emotional and behavioral processes in adolescence

Denise Brend

Université Laval. Canada

The “other” in the helping relationship: examining child welfare professionals’ wellbeing, moral and relational needs in an era of trauma-informed care

Isabel Maria Costa Soares

University of Minho. Portugal

ProChild Collaborative Laboratory: Innovative models for child protection, mental health, early education, and social participation

Elisa Delvecchio

University of Perugia. Italy

The COVID-19 psychological impact in children. Evidence across different settings

Margarida Rangel Henriques

University of Porto. Portugal 

Being there, even in pandemic times: Online Psychological Interventions

Michele Giannotti

University of Trento. Italy

The psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Italian and Spanish families of children with typical and atypical neurodevelopment: moving from research to practice


KU Leuven. Belgium

Attachment in middle childhood and adolescence: developmental processes and treatment opportunities

Teresa Freire

University of Minho. Portugal

Interventions fostering Positive Youth Development: Achieving potentialities and strengths in either normative or adverse daily contexts

Esther CalveteEsther Calvete

University of Deusto. Spain

Digital adolescents: risks and approach strategies

Cristina LarroyCristina Larroy

Complutense University of Madrid. Spain

Problems of adaptation of young people to university

Lorena Rodríguez

Private practice. Spain

Interventions fostering Positive Youth Development: Achieving potentialities and strengths in either normative or adverse daily contexts

Remedios González

University of Valencia. Spain

Family protection factors for emotional adjustment in childhood and adolescence

Silvia HidalgoSilvia Hidalgo

University of Málaga. Spain

Neuropsychology of intelligence and emotions applied to neurodevelopment disorders

José Manuel García Fernández

University of Alicante . Spain

School refusal: Instruments for its evaluation and to assess the characteristics of the students

Susana Al-Halabí

University of Oviedo. Spain

Advances in the prevention of suicidal behavior in adolescents

Inmaculada Montoya

University of Valencia. Spain

Intervention programs in socio-emotional competences for the promotion of well-being and health

Ángel Alonso

Madrid Institute of Contextual Psychology. Spain

Applying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in parents, children and adolescents: case studies and intervention protocol

Noemí Jiménez

APSI-Professional Institute of Psychology and Training. Spain

Challenge: telematic adaptation of infant-juvenile therapies during confinement. A case report based on experience

Meritxell Pacheco

Ramon Llull University. Spain

Narrative identity and well-being in adolescence

Luis Joaquín García

University of Jaén. Spain

What’s new in preventing emotional problems and promoting emotional health and well-being in young people?

Mª Fe Rodríguez

UNED. Spain

What can perinatal psychology contribute to childhood?

Elena Gervilla

University of the Balearic Islands. Spain

Prevention and addictions: Preventive strategies in adolescents

Juan Miguel Flujas

University of Almeria. Spain

Psychological flexibility: intervention in families from Third-Generation Therapies

Iban Onandia

University of the Basque Country. Spain

New areas of exploration and differential diagnosis of ADHD

Lourdes Espinosa

University of Jaén. Spain

Results of different face-to-face and virtual actions related to the prevention and psychological intervention in adolescent population