Inmaculada Montoya

University of Valencia, Spain

Use of ICTs for evaluation and intervention in adolescents and their families

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) enable psychological assessments and interventions to be carried out in a more attractive and interactive environment. In this sense, the use of mobile devices makes it possible to expand the field of action and to reach more people. In this symposium, different approaches to evaluation and intervention are shown through the use of ICT both in adolescents and in their families. Firstly, a new platform is presented for evaluating the mental health of people (children, adolescents, adults, patients…) in their natural environment and in their daily life through outpatient evaluation. The following is a modality of evaluation and intervention in emotional competencies for adolescents. Based on consolidated theoretical models, evaluation through ICT allows us to approach adolescents through an app and evaluate their level of emotional competencies with execution tasks (TECOEMA). Likewise, a mobile application is presented to develop these competencies through an intervention program (emoTIC). Intervention with families is a necessity in the area of children and young people, given the benefits observed from joint family work. To this end, an app is presented whose objective is to serve as an action guide for families in common day-to-day situations in the education of their sons and daughters. In synthesis, the investigations that form part of the symposium show that the incorporation of ICTs is an approach to children, adolescents, families and patients, which allows the psychologist and researcher to make a dynamic and accessible evaluation and intervention.

Inmaculada Montoya Castilla, Permanent Lecturer at the University of Valencia. Graduate (1992-1997) and Doctor in Psychology (2002) from the University of Valencia. She has taught at the Universitat de València (2003-2004, 2009-present), at the UNED (2004-2005) and at the Universidad Internacional Valenciana (2009). She is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and has carried out training oriented towards the clinic, teaching and research. She has carried out direct interventions in the classroom and coordinated an Educational Guidance Department (2005-2009). Her teaching focuses on psychological evaluation and diagnosis in the different evolutionary stages. Her research is mainly carried out in two main areas: education and health. In the educational area, her research focuses on emotional competencies, childhood, adolescence and family. She participates as a principal investigator and as a member of the research team in different projects financed by public and private entities. In these projects, she has published different papers on upbringing styles and health in childhood, the training of parents for conflict resolution, emotional competencies in childhood and emotional development in adolescence. The last project led to the publication of the PREDEMA Programme. Emotional education programme for adolescents. From emotion to meaning (2016). Madrid: Pyramid. She is currently the principal investigator of an R+D+I Project, “Social-emotional Intervention supported by ICTs: development of responsibility and well-being in the educational community”, funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (PSI2017-84005-R). In the area of health, she investigates the psychological repercussions of chronic disease on paediatric patients and their families, specifically in Type I diabetes mellitus and respiratory disease. All this research has given rise to different articles in national and international scientific journals, books aimed at teaching, as well as books and chapters on the results of research and contributions to national and international congresses.






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