Welcome message from the chair of the scientific committee

Roberto Secades
University of Oviedo

The fifth edition of the International Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology on Children and Adolescents, organized by the AITANA research group, from the Miguel Hernández University, will be held in Oviedo from 14 to 16 November 2019. The AITANA Group was created at this University in 2010 and, despite its still brief trajectory, has ended up becoming a national reference in the field of psychological problems of children and adolescents. In addition to its numerous publications, the Group stands out for its important clinical and teaching activity, the most important fruits of which are, among others, the Master’s Degree in Psychological Therapy with Children and Adolescents, the University Clinic (University Miguel Hernández), or the Journal of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology, which this year has already been accepted for indexing in SCOPUS. The International Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology on Children and Adolescents has been consolidated as an unavoidable annual appointment for all researchers, professionals and students interested in the field of clinical psychology and health in childhood and adolescence. From its beginnings as a National Congress in 2011 in Elche, the event has grown, offering attendees, in addition to a very careful organization, a cast difficult to improve, with the participation of prestigious national and international specialists in the field of clinical psychology for children and youth. In its fifth edition, the Congress will focus on advances in improving psychological treatments for children and adolescents, and as in previous years, the programme is of the highest scientific quality, and includes a wide range of conferences, symposia, meetings with experts, communications and posters, which will address a wide variety of topics of unquestionable interest to all attendees. Finally, it is a unique opportunity for the dissemination of research and the exchange of ideas and experiences, not only through scientific exhibitions, but also through personal contact with professionals from all over the world in the different social events. Therefore, it is a great pleasure for me to participate in the organization of the Congress and to be able to count on the presence of all of you in the city of Oviedo.

 Welcome message from the chair of the organizing committee 

Jose Pedro Espada
Aitana Research Group
Miguel Hernández University

Psychological intervention with children and adolescents still has many challenges. Although we are increasingly aware of the clinical characteristics and risk factors of childhood disorders, there are difficult cases and new situations that require continuous improvement. Although therapeutic programmes have been perfected, there is still much room for improvement. This year the congress emphasizes the search for ways to improve the functioning of psychological treatments. We hope to be able to inspire ideas to increase the effectiveness of interventions in clinical psychology for children and young people.
The congress will be a good opportunity for the exchange of experiences between researchers and professionals, the learning and updating and the meeting with colleagues who share a common work and objective: the excellence of our performance and therefore of the well-being in childhood. Looking forward to meeting you in Oviedo.


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