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Oviedo: with more than twelve centuries of history, it is the geographical, political, and administrative center of Asturias. Located in the central area of the Principality, it is the perfect city to go for a walk. The distances are very short and, in many cases, this permits moving on foot, admiring its streets, historical buildings, and the various sculptures – Circle, Botero, among others – that decorate its streets.

A free guided tour has been organized for congress attendees. The visit around the historic city center will take place on Wednesday, November 13 at 5 p.m. (1.30-2 hours walk). It includes access to the Cloister of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, whose rich history is related to the origin of the city. Reserve your place in the registration form. In due course, we will provide you with all the information.*

*The organization reserves the right to modify / cancel the visit due to logistics or reasons foreign to the organization.

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Here, you can find more information about Asturias and Oviedo.

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