Marta Lima

University of Seville, Spain

Alcohol alert: 5 years evolving in the prevention of binge drinking in adolescents

This communication presents the advances that have been carried out by our research group with the aim of preventing binge drinking in adolescents. In the Call for Funding Research Projects of the Ministry of Health of Andalusia, 2014, the funding of a research aimed at evaluating a web-based tailored computer intervention, Alcohol Alert, with this objective, was approved. The first communication presents the economic evaluation, cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of this intervention, a clinical trial randomized by clusters in which 15-19 year-old students from the provincial capitals of Andalusia participated. Given the importance of the family in the adoption of habits, in a second intervention, also funded by the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía, was carried out with the parents, Family Alcohol Alert. In the second communication, we will present the results of the long-term effectiveness of this second project, which also consists of a clinical trial, similar to the previous one, but with three arms: a group in which Alcohol Alert is implemented, another group in which the online Family Alcohol Alert intervention is implemented with the parents,  and a control group. In the third communication, the objective is to study the association of parental styles, a central element within the Family Alcohol Alert intervention, with binge drinking. Finally, in the last communication we will present the protocol of a study to evaluate the game intervention Alcohol Alert versus the texts that were used in the first version of the program. The National Plan on Drugs has funded this last study in its 2018 call.

Marta Lima is Doctor in Health Sciences, Nurse and Social and Cultural Anthropologist. She received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award. She is currently Professor at the Department of Nursing of the University of Seville, Spain. She is Specialist in Clinical Research and Epidemiology and the person responsible for the research group PAIDI CTS 969: “Innovation of Care and Social Determinants in Health”, belonging to the Andalusian Research Network on Drug Dependence  and Addictions (RAIDA) of the Andalusian Observatory on Drugs and Addictions. She is a reviewer of various international impact journals and Associate Editor of the journal “Enfermería Clínica”. She is a Fellow of the Andalusia Association of Community Nursing.  Dr. Lima has led and participated in several research projects, highlighting two on-going projects funded by the Ministry of Health, in which she is the chair. One focuses on testing the evaluation of programs based on information and communication technologies for the prevention of consumption of alcohol and alcohol consumption due to binge drinking in Andalusian adolescents. She has published more than thirty articles in journals indexed in the Journal Citation Report. More detailed information of her scientific production can be consulted at:






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