Miguel Ángel Carrasco

National University of Distance Education, Spain

Dimensions of Transdiagnostic Vulnerability in Predicting Problems of Infant-Youth Psychological Adjustment

This symposium aims to compile a set of research papers that include transdiagnostic variables as predictors of different problems related to transdiagnostic models. It is about exploring different transversal dimensions or processes, etiologically related or concurrent with different psychological alterations that pretend an alternative vision to the psychological problems emphasizing the dimensionality and especially in the transversality of these alterations or psychological problems. This perspective enables an explanatory approach to comorbidity, communality or mutation from one alteration to another, as well as offering evidence to those interventions based on transdiagnostic factors. In short, this symposium highlights the exploration of the transdiagnostic factors associated with the symptomatology of children and adolescents as variables that to date have been sparsely studied mainly from this perspective and in the child population.

Miguel Ángel Carrasco Ortiz, is Professor of Psychological Evaluation in the Faculty of Psychology of the National University of Distance Education (UNED) and coordinator of the Service of Psychology of that university. His research and teaching activity have been mainly focused on the evaluation of children’s problems. More detailed information on its scientific productivity, as well as the teaching and clinical tasks it carries out can be consulted on its website:







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