Elche, the city of the Lady, has many charms to reveal and that is reason enough for you to come visit it. Many experiences to enjoy its history, culture, festivals and natural spaces. 9 kilometers of natural beaches . Three sites listed in the different categories of UNESCO’s World Heritage lists, the Historic Palm Grove, the Mystery Play of Elche and the Pusol School Museum. Discover the Mediterranean Oasis!

Industrial and tourist, modern and fond of its traditions, surrounded on one side by the sea and on the other by the palm trees which cover every corner of the town, life in Elche is nice and laborious; the same as people from there. As it is located in the Mediterranean Basin, it has been coveted by neighbouring peoples from other lands since ancient times. These peoples left an important legacy on this land which we can enjoy nowadays.

A real sea of palm trees integrated in the town, which creates a unique landscape in Europe: that is the first and unrepeatable sensation you experience when arriving to Elche. This balance has been kept during many centuries, which has allowed the town to have a first class natural and cultural heritage. As a proof of that, there is the Camp d’Elx (Elche countryside) which surrounds the town and is an example of preservation of a very singular lifestyle.

Excellent transport links

Elche has excellent transport links as the dual carriageway known as Autovía del Mediterráneo and the Alicante Airport located in El Altet, a coastal hamlet which belongs to Elche; the town also has sound infrastructures and all its creative potential at the service of present and future. All the people that visit or come back to Elche for any reason are always pleasantly surprised.

It is big enough to enjoy all the comforts and services of big cities and small enough not to lose the flavor of an approachable everyday environment; its mild climate invites people to enjoy of the streets and nature, to be extrovert and to enjoy (as well as to make an effort) side by side.

Its two World Heritages, the Palm Grove and the Mystery Play of Elche, confirm something that people from Elche have always been aware of: that sharing our lifes is always better.


The Congress Centre «Ciutat d’Elx» is a modern space located in a very attractive environment in the historic center. It is a steel and glass construction, equipped with the most advanced infrastructures.

Location: Carrer del Filet de Fora, 1, 03203 Elx, Alicante.