John R. Weisz

Harvard University. United States

Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents: What We have Learned from 60 Years of Research

Samantha Cartwright-Hatton

Sussex University. United Kingdom

Helping parents with mental health problems to raise confident children

Shin-ichi Ishikawa

Doshisha University. Japan

Implementing universal prevention programs

Carolien Rieffe

Leiden University. Netherlands

Development of mental health in autistic and non-autistic youth

María Paz García-Vera

Complutense University of Madrid. Spain

PTSD in children and adolescents

Rikard Wicksell

Karolinska Institute. Sweden

Digital behavioral health to increase resilience in youth with chronic pain.

Lauren Potthoff

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. United States

Promoting Pediatric Psychology and Resilience in Ukraine

Trudy Mooren

University of Utrecht. Netherlands

Family matters in response to psychotrauma 

Jonathan Hill

University of Reading. United Kingdom

Family domains: practical applicatioins


Caroline Piotrowski

University of Manitoba. Canada

Resilience in youth facing challenging circumstances

Agustín Ernesto Martínez-González

University of Alicante. Spain

Using AI to evaluate the gut-brain axis in autism

Javier Cejudo

University of Castilla-La Mancha. Spain

Mental health promotion in adolescence

Diana Alves

University of Porto. Portugal

Pathways to mental health at school

Simon Peter Neumer

UiT The Arctic University. Norway

Prevention of school attendance problems

Mateu Servera

University of the Balearic Islands. Spain

Measurement and implications of cognitive disengagement syndrome

Covadonga Chaves

Complutense University of Madrid. Spain

Assessment and intervention to promote well-being

Silvia Hidalgo

University of Malaga. Spain

Challenges of child and adolescent neuropsychology

Miguel Ángel Carrasco

UNED. Spain

Self-harming behaviors

Jorge Moya

University of Lleida. Spain

Other uses of modern board games in childhood and adolescence

Cristina Larroy

Complutense University of Madrid. Spain

Emotional disorders in university students

Jonatan Molina

UMH. Spain

Clinical cases in child and adolescent psychology

Nuria de la Osa

Autonomous University of Barcelona. Spain

Weight stigma: development and controversy

Laura López Romero

University of Santiago de Compostela. Spain

Psychopathic traits in childhood and adolescence

Inmaculada Gómez

University of Almeria. Spain

Emotional regulation in childhood and adolescence

Sergio Fernández-Artamendi

ARGUS. Spain

Gaming, internet, and social media in youth

Selene Valero-Moreno

University of Valencia. Spain

Technological platforms in competence development

Maite Larrucea

University of Deusto. Spain

Mindfulness and self-compassion

Juan Manuel Machimbarrena

UPV/EHU. Spain

Addressing internet risks

Inmaculada Montoya

University of Valencia. Spain

What comes after adolescence?

Michele Giannotti

eCampus University. Italy

Coparenting relationship and family functioning

Lidia Infante

University of Malaga. Spain

New perspectives on neurodevelopmental disorders

Ainzara Favini

University of Foggia. Italy

iFeel: individual differences in emotional processes across adolescence

Iban Onandia

European University of Madrid. Spain
Open University of Catalonia. Spain

Clinical symptomatology from a gender perspective

Adriana Lis

University of Padova. Italy

The ties that bind: Exploring relationships during adolescence

Amaia Halty

Comillas Pontifical University. Spain

Keys to Maternal-Infant Bonding

Elisa Delvecchio

University of Perugia. Italy

Problematic social media use among adolescents

Katarzyna Sitnik-Warchulska

Jagiellonian University. Poland

Neurodiverse children vs neurodivergent world

María de la Fe Rodríguez

UNED. Spain

Maternal mental health and child development

Beatriz Delgado

University of Alicante. Spain

Differential analysis by gender of cyberbullying

Ricardo Sanmartín

University of Alicante. Spain

Profiling Affect in Childhood and Adolescence

Ana Rosa Sepúlveda

Autonomous University of Madrid. Spain

Psychological intervention in childhood obesity

Clara Serra

Autonomous University of Barcelona. Spain

Elena Gervilla

University of the Balearic Islands. Spain

Promoting mental health in childhood and adolescence

Manasi Kumar

Improved participation of adolescents with developmental disabilities

Eve-Lynn Nelson

University of Kansas. United States

Telebehavioral health approaches, student health and educational equity


Alejandro Villena

International University of La Rioja. Spain

Pornography and mental health in adolescence

Luis Fernando López

UPV. Spain

Managing self-harm in adolescents


Xavier Méndez

University of Murcia. Spain

Who’s in Charge at Home? Six steps to address child disobedience

Juan Miguel Flujas

University of Almeria. Spain

Parental psychological flexibility: Intervention strategies from third generation therapies

Inmaculada Gómez

University of Almeria. Spain

Parental psychological flexibility: Intervention strategies from third generation therapies