This editorial produces the Book of Abstracts of the congress. It is in the first quartile in Scholarly Publishers Indicators. 
Since its founding in 1973 by the Anaya Group, the core activity of Pirámide (Pyramid) Editions is the publication of books 
adapted to the needs of the market of books in the academic, technical and professional fields. The first publications were 
aimed at what would become the company’s future area of specialization: the educational market. Later, new lines were added 
alongside the core textbook business, which led to the creation of specialist imprints.


The main goal of the Master in Psychological Therapy with Children and Adolescents is to train competent professionals in the treatment of psychological problems during childhood and adolescence. Through this Master, students get to update information on major infant-juvenile disorders, and train their therapeutic skills for assessment and intervention.  Also, students receive resources and strategies for achieve these goals, and learn practical strategies for the intervention in different clinical cases. It is an official master's degree, taught by expert teachers, to a small group of students. Due to its practical methodology, the Official College of Psychologists has recognized its scientific and professional interest.


The Illustrious Official College of Psychology of Western Andalusia offers services to psychologists for their daily work, as well as the necessary information on other aspects related to the profesional affairs. It facilitates and streamlines the information with the aim of promoting the unity of the profession following objectives and collaborative projects. The affiliate finds through this service the last advances to keep updated in the psychological innovations which may contribute to a process of specialization and lifelong professional learning.

The Ministry of Equality and Social Policies was created in the 2015-2019 lesgislature of the Junta de Andalucía, presided by Susana Díaz Pacheco. Among the competencies of the General Secretariat for Social Policies are those related to gender violence to gender violence in Justice and Internal Affairs, and volunteering, which consistent on citizen participation and international development cooperation.

The Foundation for the Formation and Practice of Psychology (FUNCOP), is an entity founded by the Official College of Psychology of Western Andalusia (COP-AO) in Spain. It was creatd to facilitate the development of initiatives for empowering Psychology. It is an organization creted for formative, educational, research, informative, and scientific activities. FUNCOP collaborates with the 3rd International Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology on Children and Adolescents through their contribution to a better applied professional work and through fellowships for partners of the Official College of Psychology of Andalusia.

TEA Editions (founded in 1957) is the first Spanish company in the edition and elaboration of tools and tests for psychological evaluation. In the TEA catalog there are more than 400 psychological tests published. TEA is part of the Editorial Group Hogrefe, the European scientific leader editorial in the field of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychiatry, which was founded in 1949. It currently integrates publishers from 15 countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, United States, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Spain, and Portugal). TEA Editions also distributes works from other publishers, intervention and evaluation, or therapy tools. It also offers others services related to the evaluation, mainly the elaboration of customized tests, automatic proofreading, statistical studies, and it also conducts and organizes exams, among others.


Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment is part of the Pearson group, the World leader in publishing and distributing psychological evaluation tools. With more than 80 years of experience in the field of the evaluation, Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment offers innovative and comprehensive products for psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, neuropsychologists, etc. Their psychological evaluation tools evaluate intelligence, personality, competencies, language, interests, and executive function.


The General Council of Associations of Psychologists of Spain (COP) celebrates the 3rd National Congress of Psychology on 3rd-7th July 2017, which will take place in Oviedo (Asturias, Spain). It is an event that brings together both professionals as well as students of Psychology, in research and professional fields. It has a wide and diverse program and the participation of recognized professionals at the national level.

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Seville - Spain - 16-18 November 2017

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