The influence of perinatal depression on child development: mechanisms of understanding.

Prevention and early intervention are recognized key elements in minimizing the impact of any potentially serious health condition. Increasing the effectiveness of prevention programs and interventions can contribute positively to the overall health and behavioral outcomes of children and youth and their long-term well-being. Programs and interventions are most effective, for example, when they are tailored to the cultural, community, and developmental norms of participants and include target groups and service providers in program planning, implementation, and evaluation. This implies coordinated and systemic efforts to empower different actors and include different contexts. The literature points to significant positive effects of prevention programs on several outcomes. It seems useful and valuable to develop evidence-based prevention intervention programs to support parents, adolescents and families, although it is important to continue to have higher quality studies and clearer and more transparent reporting. studies with clearer and more transparent reporting are needed. At this symposium, the effectiveness of prevention programs and interventions for children, adolescents and families will be presented will be presented and discussed:
I. A pilot study: Portuguese version of a psychological flexibility program for adolescents.
II. Prevention of gambling abuse in adolescents.
III. The experience of ACT – Raising Safe Kids Program – A parenting program for violence prevention.
IV. The experience of the application of green and blue Based on mindfulness, self-compassion and psychological flexibility programs in sports athletes.


University of Lisbon. Portugal

Cátia Magalhães,  Adjunct Professor at the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the Education School, at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV). PhD in Social Sciences – University of Lisbon, in collaboration with the Department of Education and Health Promotion at the University of Utah. Post-Doc in Health Education, FMH-Univ of Lisbon. Degree in Psychology from the University of Coimbra. Specialization in Clinical and Health Psychology and in Social/Community Psychology by the Portuguese Psychologists Association. Postgraduate in Psychology, Psychiatry and Child Abuse from the Faculty of Medicine of the Univ. from Lisbon.  She is a researcher at CI & DEI-IPV and ISAMB (Faculty of Medicine at Univ of Lisbon). Her areas of research include drug prevention, cross-cultural research, evidence based parenting interventions and prevention and promotion of mental health in children and youth with a focus on mindful-compassion approach.