Strategies and solutions for difficult situations in therapy with young university students.

Frequently, during therapy, difficult situations arise that are difficult to face in an adequate manner at the right time. In the present symposium, four cases are presented, of young university students (first years of the career), attended in university services (PsiCall and Clinica de Psicología UCM) in which these difficulties have arisen. The strategies used to manage them and the results obtained are discussed, as well as the reflections to which they have given rise. 

The first paper presents a case of procrastination of studies and social problems. Other types of problems (critical voice, self-concept and emotional traumas) that the therapist considers addressing but that are not demanded by the patient and therefore the patient does not want to work on them are observed. 

The second paper deals with a case of bullying in the patient’s childhood and adolescence. The interest of the case lies in the difficulty in managing anger and resistance to contact with emotional states other than anger, as well as the therapist’s management of the rejection generated by the patient’s interpersonal style. 

The third paper deals with a case of self-intention, treated by telephone in a first phase, to then move on to a brief intervention program in online format. The interest of the case lies in how, through telephone intervention, it is possible to prevent a possible suicidal act, establish a safety plan, offer emotional ventilation in a framework of reflective listening, and motivate the caller to agree to a referral to a psychological intervention resource in use.

The fourth paper deals with a complex case in which cognitive defusion, together with knowledge of the emotional system, allowed the patient to understand the function of thoughts, facilitating the connection with his emotions, unmet needs and life goals.


Complutense University of Madrid. Spain

Cristina Larroy holds a PhD in Psychology from the UCM, is Professor of the Department of Clinical Psychology at UCM, Director of the UCM University Clinic of Psychology and Director of UCM PsiCall (Immediate Telematic Psychological Attention Service for UCM students). She is also co-director of the Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology: Professional Practice, UCM; and vice-president of the Scientific Society RED-INFANCIA.

Her current line of research focuses on clinical and health psychology, especially concerning young people and adolescents. Also in the field of children, she works in the control of oppositional behaviour and disobedience. In recent years, she has been working on issues related to telepsychology and new technologies.

She is the author of numerous scientific and popular books, scientific chapters, and articles, as well as more than 150 conference papers.