Clinical intervention in child and adolescent population through 4 clinical cases.

Effective clinical practice in child and adolescent psychology necessarily involves knowledge of the strategies for which empirical evidence of efficacy is available. In addition, these strategies must be combined with other factors related to therapeutic success such as the clinical experience and personal skills of the therapist. Therefore, improving our clinical practice as professionals in child and adolescent psychology involves knowing and mastering the strategies that have proven to be effective in the assessment, diagnosis and intervention of psychological problems in children and adolescents, so making these strategies accessible through their dissemination in scientific meetings and publications will allow a greater number of psychology professionals to learn about them and apply them.

The aim of this symposium is to present 4 real clinical cases that present very common difficulties in the field of child and adolescent psychopathology such as emotional problems, clinical perfectionism, sensory processing disorder and ADHD. Through these 4 cases, led by 4 child and adolescent therapists with extensive clinical experience, the specific approach taken in each case will be presented. The symposium, therefore, seeks to create a learning space through the presentation of real clinical cases so that attendees can not only learn about the best tools available but also how to apply them appropriately to improve their clinical practice.



D. in Psychology from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and Master in Psychological Therapy with Children and Adolescents. He is currently an associate professor at the Miguel Hernández University and collaborating teacher in other universities such as the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and the International University of Valencia (VIU). He has published several scientific papers on ADHD in preschool population and chapters in manuals of child and adolescent psychology on intervention in anger control problems and aggression in children or psychological assessment at a distance in child and adolescent population. He is a psychologist with health habilitation and directs since 2016 the area of child and adolescent psychology at Centro Médico Santías (Aspe, Alicante). In addition, he coordinates the Working Group of Supervision of Clinical Cases in Children and Adolescents of the Official College of Psychology of the Valencian Community (COPCV) and since 2019 he is a founding member of the Spanish Society of Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology (SEPCIJ).