Children and Adolescents’ Life Narrative Identity: Tools to Collect and Analyze.

In this symposium, we hope to explore the conceptualization of Narrative as an organizer of emotions and thoughts. Individuals reconstruct the past, perceive the present and anticipate the future in the form of an internalized, integrated and dynamic story of the self, which will enable them to give meaning and unity to their life. The ability to integrate different roles and experiences provides a greater awareness of oneself as the agent of one’s life and increases the sense of authorship. Narrative co-construction, by triggering autobiographical memories, fosters the development of cognitive skills cognitive, narrative and emotional regulation skills. Thus, co-construction facilitates the development of the individual’s identity and expression of self.

In the symposium we will give voice to researchers from the Webs of Meaning Research Group (CPUP-FPCEUP), dedicated to the study of meaning processes in developmental contexts, especially to facilitate the construction of identity. In addition, we will have the presence of a researcher from the FPCEE Blanquerna, with whom we have collaborated over the years, in the field of narrative research and clinical work. We propose to present oral communications focused on the construction of the Vital Narrative Identity, from childhood to adolescence. We intend to suggest methods of collection (Interview) and analysis (Narrative Productivity and Coherence), taking into consideration the scaffolding provided by the interviewer, the nature of the narrative demand, the nature of the narrative request and the elicitation interventions/supports. In addition, our FPCEE Blanquerna colleague will propose general guidelines for the development of clinical interventions with adolescents in foster care, especially in the construction of their narrative identity. Finally, we will present a proposal for a narrative collection format.


University of Porto. Portugal

Márcia Almeida is a PhD student in the Doctoral Program in Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto (FPCEUP-PT), conducting a study on the impact of narrative co-construction and its association with adolescents’ projection of the future and their well-being. Her work as a clinical psychologist at the Service of Psychology Intervention for Children and Adolescents (FPCEUP-PT) makes it possible to articulate clinical practice and research. In association with her Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, she did an international research internship at the Department of Psychology of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt (DE). In this context, she co-authored the Life Narrative Co-Construction Analysis Manual. Since 2019, she coordinates short-term undergraduate research internships at the Psychology Center of the University of Porto (CPUP). Within the scope of her professional activities as a researcher at the Webs of Meaning Research Group, she supports the development of research projects in the matters of life narratives, identity construction, clinical intervention, and narrative approaches. She is a specialist in the application of the protocols Life Narrative Interview for Children – LNIC and the Narrative Coherence Manuals. She has participated with oral communications and posters at several national and international scientific meetings, and has been gaining experience in organizing scientific events, having participated in the organizing committee of the 9th Congress of ESFR – European Society on Family Relations.