How do I provide proof of my student status?

The easiest way is to upload a scanned current registration receipt or student ID (only if it has an expiration date) when completing your registration form. If your upload does not work, try a smaller picture, or email the Technical Secretariat of the III ICCPCA aitanacongress@cevents.es. You must be a student at least at the time of formalizing your registration for the congress.

What discounts do I have transportation to get to Seville?

We are negotiating the best prices with flight and train companies for those attending the III ICCPCA. The information will be available from January 2017 here.

What are the associates of the III ICCPCA?

The associates are companies, associations, institutions (such as universities, research centers, private clinics, etc.), all linked to the field of clinical and health psychology on children and adolescents. An agreement with the congress committee will be formalized through the person responsible of each entity to encourage the participation of its members in the III ICCPCA. The members of the collaborating institutions will benefit from a reduced registration fee. Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from the discount.

How to get the most out of the congress?

We recommend you to select previously the sessions that are of your interest. Save some time for networking, walking, shopping, and exploring the city. Make your stay in Seville a complete experience! The congress will be held at the Hotel Meliá Sevilla****. Check out in the program the sessions that you would like attending to, and look for the rooms in the map included in the attendees’ materials.

How can I know if the center I belong to is an associate of the III ICCPCA?

After formalizing the collaboration agreement, the name of the institution will be announced in the list of associates in the registration section. Please, check out if your institution is already collaborating, and let us know when you make your registration!

What should I do before I leave for the congress?

Select the sessions and activities that you want to attend.

- Check online the program updated.

- Identify key people you want to meet, select the sessions in which they participate, and think how to present to converse with them.

Contact relevant professionals and researchers in your field of study few weeks ahead of time to express your interest in meeting them, and ask them if they would have time to meet you for a coffee or dinner. You can see who will be attending by consulting the scientific program in the congress website. Setting up a meeting in advance makes easier networking. Cheer up!

- This meeting can provide feedback on your research (grants and projects, publications, etc.)

- If you set up a meeting with somebody, make sure to read their latest publications before attending the congress.

If you are presenting:

- Oral communication: Practice your presentation according to the time you have (10 minutes).

- Poster: Prepare a brief presentation (10 minutes) in case your paper is one of the finalists.

- Check out the day and time of your presentation (we will inform you by email a few weeks before).

- Take advantage of the poster sessions to establish new contacts that will enable future collaboration and share your professional concerns.

How can I benefit from the discount applied to members of associates?

If the institution where you work is still not collaborating with the congress, but you are still interested in benefit from this discount, talk to the person responsible of agreements in your institution, and contact us at investigacion_aitana@umh.es.

What should I pack?
  • Coat: The weather in Seville can be cool in November.
  • Comfy shoes: To walk around the city and visit landmarks.
  • Professional clothes: To wear during all sessions and activities you attend.
  • Casual clothes: To wear in the congress dinner and visit the city.
  • Note-taking tools: Laptops, notebook, tablet, etc. We will provide paper and a pen!
  • Water and snacks: We recommend you bring your own bottle of water and something to eat between sessions if you have free time. You can also buy them at the cafe.
  • Business cards: Do not lose the opportunity to provide your business card to other professionals with whom you are interested to keep in touch after the congress.
  • Step down voltage converters and transformers: If you come from a non-European country, you should note that Europe runs on 220V.  A transformer and universal adapter can be useful to use your electronic devices. You can also buy it in Seville!
  • Your personal schedule: Check the online schedule to identify the sessions you want to attend and elaborate your own schedule. Set up some time for networking and establish new connections with researchers and professional from other countries.
  • A backup file of your poster or presentation: We recommend that you back up your poster and / or oral presentation in a USB drive, DVD, laptop or your email.
  • Lots of enthusiasm to learn and enjoy of these intensive days in Seville! 
Can I register on-site in Seville on the day of the congress?

Yes, you can register on-site if you wish. However, you should know that in the last editions all the tickets were sold out weeks before the date of the congress; therefore, we cannot guarantee that there will be tickets left. You can read more about on-site registration here

What should I do during the III ICCPCA?
  • If you present a communication: Find the room where you will be presenting in advance (1 hour before). Arrive on time to your own presentation!
  • Meet other attendees and speakers: We all love that others are interested in our research and /or professional work. Do not let shame slow you down to know important people in your field and with whom you can work with in the future!
  • When to introduce you to the speakers: People often approach the speakers after finishing their speech. The sessions are followed one another, so it is convenient to leave the room early to start the next session, in order to respect the congress schedule. We recommend you to take advantage of the poster sessions and breaks to introduce you and provide your business card to the speakers.
How can I be a part of the congress program?

The modalities of participation are oral communication, poster or symposium. The most common way to be part of the program is to submit an abstract in our portal here. If you want to organize your own symposium on a specific topic of clinical and/or health psychology on children and adolescent, you can send your proposal by email investigacion_aitana@umh.es 

The proposal must include: (1) title of the symposium, (2) abstract of the symposium (250-300 words), and (3) the name and workplace of the proposed presenters.

Symposia have a duration of 50 minutes and consist of 4 oral communications, one of them can be presented by the coordinator/organizer itself, although it is not a requirement. Each presentation will last 10 minutes, and there will be some time for discussion (10 minutes). As coordinator of symposium, you would be the responsible of introducing the symposium participants, present your own communication (if applicable), and moderate the debate. Please, note that the presenters of communications in symposia cannot participate as moderators or presenters at symposia or other activities of the congress program. This decision of the organizing committee is based on the desire to spread the maximum number of works from several research teams and professionals. The deadline for submitting your proposal of symposium is 30 January 2017. The scientific committee will evaluate your proposal and will communicate you the decision as soon as possible. Later, you will be prompted the title and an abstract of each oral communication, and contact details for each presenter to formalize the proposal of symposium.

What should I do when I get home from the congress?

Follow up with people you met during the congress and answer questions or issues. Keep in touch with them!

What awards are announced in the III ICCPCA?

In the 2017 edition, poster presentation format can be eligible for three awards. Each one of the three awards will consist of €300. The seven finalists will receive a certificate. The prizes are: EDICIONES PIRAMIDE Award for young researcher; Award for the best applied research, and Award for the best international research.

More information on the requirements for applying to each award is here.

What are the conditions for participating in the congress?

The registration implies acceptance of the Congress conditions of participation and cancellation. Cancellation conditions are:

  • Cancellations must be submitted in writing.
  • Cancellations received before September 17, 2017 shall be entitled to full refund of the amount paid.
  • Cancellations received by October 17, 2017 shall be entitled to a refund of the amount paid minus 25% for administrative expenses.
  • Cancellations received after October 18, 2017 shall not be entitled to a refund.
  • The total number of participants in the congress will not exceed the total capacity of simultaneous activities. However, it is not possible to guarantee assistance for specific activities, since it is based on "first come, first serve" policy.
How is the selection of the awarded?

To be eligible for an award, authors have to present their work in poster format. At the time of submitting the abstract, they must request that their work is valued to be eligible for an award. The organizing committee appoints each year a jury composed of three prestigious professionals in child clinical psychology. The jury will evaluate the scientific quality and contribution of the posters presented at each poster session, and will select the 10 finalists. The finalists will present their work in a 10-minute oral presentation to the jury. In the closing ceremony of the congress, a certificate and a $300 voucher will be delivered to each of the three awarded, and a certificate to the remaining seven finalists.

I am registered for the conference but finally I will not be able to attend. Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

No. The registration of the congress is not transferable to someone else. However, in case, we would appreciate if you cancel your registration to facilitate that your place can be occupied by someone else. You can find more information of cancellation policies here.

When awards are delivered?

The awards will be delivered in the closing ceremony of the congress on 18 November 2017. It is needed at least one author of the poster to pick up the certificate and the voucher. If you are a finalist and none of the co-authors are unable to attend the closing ceremony, the first author of the poster is responsible for communicating this situation to the Technical Secretariat as early as possible (aitanacongress@cevents.es).

I love social media, how do I get involved for the III ICCPCA?

AITANA Research Group publishes updates on social networks before, during and after the congress. We encourage you to follow us through the major social networks where we will share information related to the congress. Twitter @Grupo_Aitana (hashtags #cipcna). Facebook Grupo Aitana. LinkedIn  Group: II INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CLINICAL AND HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY ON CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS.

Which social activities will be offered during the congress?

One of the main social activities is the official congress dinner, which will take place on Friday, November 17, 2017. This and other social activities in which you can participate in will be announced here.

I am interested in receiving information about the congress and the activities organized by AITANA Research Group. How do I subscribe?

Please, e-mail aitanacongress@cevents.es indicating your interest in receiving information on the congress and related activities on clinical and health psychology on children and adolescents. Do not forget to indicate your name, email address that you want to use as the default for receiving the information, country of origin and language preference (Spanish / English).

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