Center for Behavioral Therapy in Valencia, Spain

Pathological anger is the forgotten emotion in Clinical Psychology. Although much work has been done to study depression and anxiety disorders, anger has been literally forgotten. The situation is similar in children and adolescents. There is evidence on how to treat aggressive behaviors in this population, but so hardly anything about anger. In this session I will present a model of pathological anger for children and adolescents focused on the etiological variables, but above all maintenance. Next, techniques for their approach will be presented, differentiating them into two large groups. The first one would be composed of those techniques that parents themselves could iapply with their children in the day to day, in their natural environment. The second one refers to those strategies that the therapist would teach children and adolescents, so that they can self-control over their excessive genius by themselves. The authors of this model propose that pathological anger could be the core of other problems such as oppositional behavior, jealousy, bulling, antisocial behavior, etc.

Carmen Pastor is a clinical psychologist. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia. She attended postgraduate courses in the United States, England and The Netherlands. She is the director of the Center for Behavioral Therapy in Valencia, an institution dedicated to the treatment of all types of emotional problems, and also the training and retraining of professionals in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Her main professional activity is the psychological therapy. In the last ten years her field of work has extended to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She has recently created the Eating Disorders Treatment Unit of the Center for Behavioral Therapy, which is an outpatient and hospital treatment of anorexia, bulimia, eating disorders and obesity. She has published eight monographs, five book chapters, and more than forty articles of applied clinical psychology, in addition to chairing different research in the field of clinical psychology.


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Seville - Spain - 16-18 November 2017

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