Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

The objective of the symposium is to present how the approach of the evaluation and intervention of clinical cases of children and adolescents in university clinics is developed. This service is complemented by teaching and research activities.
During the symposium we will present several clinical cases that exemplify how is the assitential procedure in two university clinics of Madrid: the University Clinic of Psychology of the Complutense University of Madrid (CUP, UCM) and the Center for Applied Psychology of the Autonomous University of Madrid (CPA, UAM). We will explain two evaluation protocols, designed and in process of evaluation in each center:
a) A general assessment protocol (CPA UAM) for children, applicable to all children who arrive at the center, and b) An assessment protocol for ADD (CUP UCM). The results of the application of the protocol suggest that this disorder is overdiagnosed in children with a previous ADD diagnosis who reach the CUP UCM. The remaining papers are focus on the intervention. The third paper presents several useful therapeutic strategies in the approach of childhood OCD by presenting treated cases in the CUP UCM. The fourth paper focuses on the adaptation of techniques of emotional regulation for children and adolescentes, which exemplifies by the presentation of several clinical treated cases in the CUP UCM 

Cristina Larroy got her Ph.D. in Psychology by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). She is a Senior Professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology of the same University. She is the coordinator of the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology and Director of the Official Master in General Health Psychology, both of them at the UCM. She is currently Director of the University Clinic of Psychology of the UCM. Her contributions to the study and dissemination of child behavioural problems are specified in numerous books (for example, “The disobedient child” which has more than ten re-editions and has been translated into other languages), chapter books, conferences, contributions in congresses, etc. She has also worked on problems during adolescence, specifically with patients with eating disorders and adolescents with menstrual cycle problems. 


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Seville - Spain - 16-18 November 2017

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