Risk and protective factors for school rejection


José Manuel García Fernández

University of Alicante, Spain

José Manuel García Fernández holds a PhD in Psychology and is a Full Professor at the University of Alicante. His scientific production consists of 180 articles; more than half of them included in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR). He is co-author of 9 books and numerous book chapters, many of them with national publishers (Editorial Pirámide, Grupo Anaya, CEPE, Grupo Editorial Universitario, Aljibe). His authorship and co-authorship of more than 200 papers presented at national and international Psychology congresses is worth mentioning. He has also given 38 conferences and seminars. He is the Principal Investigator of the projects EDU2012-35124 and RTI2018-098197-B-I00. He has supervised 33 doctoral theses, 5 of them with European mention and 4 with an extraordinary prize. He has taught both in public education (infant, primary and special education) and in concerted education (primary education), he has worked as a psychopedagogue both in Primary Education (as director of a School Psychopedagogical Service) and in Secondary Education (as a Psychopedagogue of I.E.S.) and has passed the examinations to the body of Teachers and the Teacher of Secondary Education specializing in Psychology and Pedagogy. He has been Vice-Dean of the Primary Education Teacher Degree. His lines of research focus on school anxiety, school rejection, perfectionism, disabilities, and psychoeducational variables.




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