Educational prevention and clinical intervention on risks and problems on the Internet among minors and adolescents

This seminar will review the main emerging problems related to information and communication technologies among minors and adolescents, with special emphasis on prevention and intervention. Firstly, a program for the prevention of online grooming of minors and the results of its effectiveness in reducing the incidence of this problem three and six months after its implementation will be presented. Secondly, the predictor variables of online self-harm (Internet access to search or share self-injurious behaviors) will be analyzed and the main intervention strategies at the individual and family levels will be discussed. Third, the prevalence of various forms of sexual and gender harassment on the Internet among adolescents and young adults will be analyzed. Finally, recommendations for clinical assessment and intervention on the main problems and risks on the Internet will be presented. As a whole, the seminar aims to expose the emerging risks among minors and adolescents in digital society and to integrate the available empirical evidence with educational prevention and clinical intervention. 

Manuel Gámez Guadix

Autonomous University of Madrid. Spain.

PhD and Professor of Psychology at the Autonomous University of Madrid. His current lines of research focus on the Psychology of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), such as Internet and Smartphones, including aspects such as cyberbullying, sexting or online grooming, problematic use of the Internet, online self-harm and prevention of these problems.




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