Parental technoference and toddlers’ socioemotional development, media use and school-aged children’s emotion regulation, social media use by intellectually disabled adolescents, media use by school aged children during the COVID-19 pandemic


Marie Danet

University of Lille. France

Marie Danet, PhD, is psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology – Department of Psychology, at the University of Lille and member of Psitec Laboratory (France). She conducts research on the role of attachment representations on socio-emotional behavior, hoarding and media use (children, parent-child relationships, adults, problematic use). She also conducts research on emotional regulation strategies and their influence on typical and atypical behaviors (internalized and externalized). Her work focuses on the identification of vulnerability and protective factors (individual, relational, environmental) to the development and maintenance of socio-emotional difficulties. She was PI of the UNDERPIn project, funded by the foundation EOVI-MCD. The UNDERPIn project highlighted a link between problematic media use in children with insecure attachment and a link between parental technoference (interruption of exchanges linked to digital tools) and insecure attachment in school-aged children. She is PI of the DATE project (Digital devices, Attachment, Technoference and Emotion), funded by I-Site ULNE foundation. She has delivered talks on social media use, child media use, related to attachment in national and international conferences. She was auditioned by a French Deputy in the context of a legislative proposal related to the prevention of children excessive exposure to screens.




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