A developmental psychopathology account of extreme social withdrawal (hikikomori)

Extreme social withdrawal (ESW) is a phenomenon known in Japan as Hikikomori. There is increasing evidence showing that ESW is not only occurring in this Eastern country but is also present in other Western and non-Western countries. In this presentation, Dr. Muris will explain ESW from a developmental psychopathology perspective. The overview of the etiological factors involved in ESW will make clear that increasing numbers of people (adolescents and young adults) will suffer from this condition in the future. I will also give recommendations for the prevention and intervention of ESW.

Peter Muris

Full Professor. Maastricht University. The Netherlands

Peter Muris (male, 1964) is full Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at Maastricht University, The Netherlands. He is an internationally well-respected researcher on child and adolescent psychopathology and investigates the role of child-related factors such as temperament and cognitive biases as well as anxiety-related rearing behaviours of parents in the etiology of childhood anxiety disorders. His focus is also on the translation of research findings into clinical interventions. Muris is also working as clinician (psychologist and cognitive-behavior therapist at Youz-Maastricht, an outpatient treatment center for young people with mental health problems). He is co-editor of Child Psychiatry & Human Development, Journal of Child & Family Studies, and Mindfulness, three well-respected journals in the field. He has published over 440 research papers in peer-reviewed journals, has supervised 14 PhD students to completion and 2 PhD projects are in progress. His H-Index is 78 (Web of Science) / 123 (Google Scholar).



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